Orthopedic prayer mat

Praying on tiled floor, cement or wood using a traditional carpet can be quiet uncomfortable and this is a common problem for Muslim of all ages:

  • Ours kids, the future generation, are praying with the wrong bending posture, due to joint pain on the knees and ankle.
  • Elderly people, our beloved parents and loved ones, slowly kneels on a prayer mat. You can see from their expression when getting up, they require a big effort . Praying should not be that way!


For a muslim, salat is the second and the most important pillar of Islam. Salat is an act of worship and it is a practical sign and proof of obedience of our faith in Allah.

Muslims are required to pray five times a days and it is important that they can maintain concentration, feel comfortable physically and spiritually.


Salmat stands for ‘ Salat Mat’ is an Orthopedic Prayer Mat, that provides a Modern and Simple solution to this problem. Made of High Density Foam, our mat can support the weight of an adult, reducing knee and ankle join pain when praying.

After doing much research and trial, we produce Salmat with a thickness of 8mm in High Density. This the perfect combination of High Comfort while not being too thick.

This is important, because praying on a very thick mat or Bed of 2cm,  3cm or more is not allowed. Scholars said that we need to make sure our forehead touch the ground when we prostrate. If the prayer mat is so foamy and soft to the extend that you are prostrating on air, that is not allowed. You need to feel that you reach the ground to ensure that the prostration is valid.


Salmat comes with a range of contemporary design, inspired by islamic Art of Geomatric & Floral Design:

  • Salmat Hassan
  • Salmat Moulay
  • Salmat An-Najm
  • Salmat Kundar Blue
  • Salmat Kundar Purple
  • Salmat Rawdha


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