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Salmat Orthopedic prayer mat deliver a modern and simple solution for sore sujud.

Our prayer mat is made of High Density Foam Material, to provide the maximum support and comfort on your knee and ankle joints. Not only does it reduce stress and pain on your joints, the mat is also water proof and anti allergic.

Salmat is a company based in Jakarta, Indonesia producing Contemporary Prayer Mats , on the mission to make salat more Comfortable.

Designed by Teuku Wisnu, a proud Muslim.

For A Muslim, Salat is the second and most important pillar of Islam. Salat is an act of worship and it is a practical sign and proof of obedience of our faith in Allah.


Studies have showed that there are a lot of physical benefits in doing Salat. A Muslim who offers Salat regularly has very little chance of getting Arthritis as we exercise our bones and joints while we offer Salat.


With all the mental and physical benefits in doing Salat, we believe it is important for muslim not to rush their salat, and therefore an ORTHOPEDIC PRAYER MAT is a solution to make the condition more comfortable. This gives rise to ” SALMAT” a salat mat specially designed with Orthopedic properties, anti Allergiv and water resistance to bring more comfort, concentration and safety for muslims during their praying, 5 times a day.


Health Benefits

Thick, Soft & Comfort

Our High Density Foam adapts to your body, relief pressure on your feet, heel, ankles, knees and lower back.

Anti Allergy

Our Material doesnt absorb dust, prevent breathing in germs and dust during Sujud (Prostation)

Water Resistant

Does not absorb water, suitable for outdoor use and easy to clean. Just wipe with damp cloth.

Anti Slip

Provides stability during prayer, even on hard surfaces like marble or wet surfaces.

Temperature Resistent

Our Heat Isolation Technology keep you comfy during Winter or Summer.

Eco Friendly

Non Allergenic, non toxic material and production proces used. SGS tested, Free from Phthalates.

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